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What is Coliving

Coliving is a modern housing model that combines the best of communal living and individual privacy. Unlike traditional shared apartments, which often lack adequate space for remote working and a sense of community, Colivings offer private spaces, such as bedrooms, and access to a fully furnished living space including a shared kitchen, workspaces and other common rooms dedicated to leisure or relaxation. These go beyond traditional shared housing and roommate arrangements by fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Benefits of Coliving

Choosing to live a Coliving experience brings with it a number of advantages, including the flexibility to travel and change residence periodically, as well as saving money by sharing expenses with a group of people. A very relevant point that makes it different from traditional shared housing models is the clear intention to promote social interaction and a sense of community among residents. In addition, connecting with the environment and local communities; and sharing experiences and knowledge with colleagues are the backbone of Coliving stays. Local community facilitators are often involved in the day-to-day routines with the aim of generating these connections.

The following are some points to take into account:

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Coliving allows you to be flexible in your leasing options. Many colivings offer short-term rentals, starting from a few days, and each resident signs an individual lease. These terms are ideal for remote workers and digital nomads, young professionals and people who need or want to move frequently.


Sharing common expenses such as rent, utilities, maintenance and other associated fees allows colivers to save considerably compared to buying or renting a space on their own.


Accommodations not only come fully furnished with everything needed, but residents also have a wide range of services and amenities. Most coliving spaces include services to make colivers’ life easier, such as cleaning, laundry, high-speed internet and coworking areas, providing a comprehensive and comfortable living experience.

Community and connections

Community is one of the most important aspects of the coliving model. A good space should foster a sense of belonging and provide opportunities to interact and collaborate with other colivers.

Coliving facilitates the creation of meaningful bonds and relationships. By living alongside people with similar interests, residents have the opportunity to participate in group activities and networking events. Each Coliving accommodation offers its residents events and extra activities based on the identity of the local communities and the culture of each region to bring the environment closer to the colivers.


How to choose your best Coliving space

Factors to consider when choosing a Coliving accommodation or experience include, among others, location, price and services.

Coliving combines shared living with collaborative workspaces and travel opportunities. These spaces not only offer a solution to the challenges of digital work, but also foster social connection and networking at the time you explore new places and unknown villages, cities and countries.


Proximity to urban centers, areas with good transport connections and vibrant cultural and social life can make a big difference. Cities such as Madrid, Valencia or Lisbon are popular for their diverse cultural offerings and accessibility. 

On the other hand, the existence of Coliving accommodations in small villages and rural and coastal areas are other equally attractive options when choosing a Coliving destination. Unlike big cities, these are places where the natural environment and the activities that take place in it are key elements. In most of them the public transport infrastructure is good, with several options that connect them with the main urban centers.

Price and rental costs

Rental costs can vary significantly depending on the length of the stay and location, as well as the services and activities included. It is essential to compare the available options and consider your personal budget.

Property amenities and activities

The services offered by a Coliving space can range from the basics, such as high-speed internet, housekeeping and coworking spaces, to extras such as parking, leisure spaces, meals and laundry. Some Colivings also include professional spaces, such as meeting areas and private offices.

Most of the Coliving include meetings for cultural and language exchange, skill-sharing events and workshops. As extra activities we can find a wide variety of options depending on the type of Coliving and its surroundings. Some examples are language classes, cooking lessons, water sports and permaculture activities but also gastronomic tours and guided excursions.

Researching and visiting different options will help you find the perfect place to live and work, enjoying an enriching and productive experience.


Coliving types

Coliving adapts to different lifestyles and preferences, offering different types of environments according to the location of the accommodations.

Rural Coliving

Perfect for those seeking tranquility and connection with nature. Activities include handicraft workshops and environmental and conservation actions. These colivings offer a more relaxed environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ideal for disconnecting and enjoying a more leisurely pace of life.

Urban Coliving

Ideal for those who enjoy the dynamism and energy of big cities. Urban colivings are usually located in central areas, close to work, leisure and cultural centers.

Coliving in the seaside

For those who love the sea, coastal coliving combines communal living with the advantages of living close to the beach. These locations are ideal for surfers, sun lovers and people looking for a more relaxed lifestyle.


Coliving activities and events

Life in a Coliving goes beyond sharing a space. Many colivings organize a variety of activities and events that enrich the residents’ experience.

Workshops and Talks

They can cover a wide range of subjects, from technical to creative and artistic skills. From cooking classes to painting lessons, workshops and talks are a great way to learn new skills and knowledge.

Social and intercultural events

Community dinners, language exchanges, tandems and more. These events foster fellowship and strengthen bonds between residents.

Collaborative projects

Coliving is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Many spaces foster collaborative initiatives, from startups to artistic and environmental ones.

Wellness activities

Yoga, meditation and outdoor activities such as mountaineering and surf lessons are common in many colivings, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Skill-sharing sessions and events

These sessions are designed so that residents can share their knowledge and learn from each other, fostering an environment of personal and professional growth.

There is also the opportunity to receive guidance and advice from other residents with experience in different areas. Mentoring sessions can be formal or informal, with spontaneous meetings where experiences are shared and various projects are discussed.


Coliving stays also provide space for networking activities and building professional contacts. By bringing together people from different professions and work backgrounds, Colivings become meeting points for professional networking and synergies. Dynamics such as speed networking are a fun and effective way to get to know your colleagues in a professional context.

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