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What is a Pop-Up Coliving

Pop-Up Coliving is an innovative way of living that combines the essence of coliving with a temporary and themed approach. Unlike traditional coliving stays, Pop-Up colivings are organized in specific locations for short periods of time, offering participants a unique and enriching experience. These spaces are designed to attract people with common interests, creating a temporary but intense community where collaboration and personal connections are the key elements.

Differences between Coliving and Pop-Up Coliving

Although both concepts share the idea of community living, there are key differences between coliving and pop-up coliving:



In terms of duration, Pop-Up experiences are usually temporary and short term, often lasting between 10 and 20 days. A really important feature is that Pop-Ups have established start and end dates that are shared by all participants. This factor makes the feeling of belonging and community even greater. Pop-Up’s participants share common experiences and knowledge, creating meaningful and lasting connections in a short period of time.

In contrast, Coliving stays are essentially individual and vary greatly in duration but are usually medium to long term, from a week to a couple of months or even longer.


There are different types of Pop-Up Coliving depending on the features of the locations where they are located. Therefore, we can find rural, coastal and urban coliving, among many other typologies. In case of Pop-Up Coliving stays, the locations are usually selected especially for the event, with a experience program developed in detail to take advantage of the full potential of the accommodations, the tangible and intangible heritage and the local communities.

Thematic focus


Another key element in their distinction is the program and the theme on which these temporary experiences are built. Pop-Up Colivings are experiences with a previously prepared and usually closed program. They are experiences that are developed around a specific topic, whether it is a wellness retreat or a conservation program in a rural area. This is a important factor when it comes to attract interested people, since it is very likely that similar profiles will participate in a Pop-Up. 

Reasons to participate in a Pop Up Coliving

These are some of the main reasons why to participate in a Pop-Up Coliving experience and make the most of this unique opportunity for co-creation and community living.

Temporary experiences tailored to each worker

The eventuality of Pop Up experiences allows you to experience community living in a very intense way and without making a long-term commitment. It is an ideal option for digital workers who are new to this model of shared living or for those who enjoy changing destinations often.

Interpersonal and professional skills development

Pop-Up Colivings are ideal environments for skill-sharing. Whether learning new techniques in workshops or experimenting through collaboration on projects, these experiences allow you to improve your skills and develop new ones.

Moreover, these stays are a source of motivation and inspiration. Interaction with motivated people and participation in themed activities are key to developing one’s creativity. This dynamic and stimulating environment helps colivers to think out of the box and generate new ideas and perspectives.


Enjoy an immersive experience

Each Pop-Up Coliving is built around a thematic axis that generates around itself a set of activities that take advantage of local expertise and resources of the area where the coliving is located, as well as the skills of the people involved in the experience. The program of activities and events is carefully designed to fully engage participants in the Pop-Up Coliving theme.

This topic diversity allows you to choose an experience that aligns with your personal and professional interests and objectives, guaranteeing total immersion in the chosen topic.

Creation of meaningful connections and memories

Participating in a Pop-Up Coliving provides the opportunity to meet people from a variety of nationalities and diverse personal and work backgrounds. This diversity fosters cultural exchange and the creation of valuable networks that can last a lifetime. Sharing experiences and activities with like-minded people creates a sense of well-being and mutual support that enriches your personal and professional life.

Pop-Up Colivings are designed to be memorable experiences. From activities and events to everyday interactions, every moment is filled with opportunities to create lasting memories.

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Anceu coliving swimming pool
From 1,295€

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